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Class Terms and Conditions


General Terms

Instructors are independent contractors and Knit Studio, LLC is not responsible for:
> Guarantees by individual instructors
> Schedule changes by individual instructors
> Refunds of Class Fees for any reason

Out-of-Class Assistance

The Knit Studio staff cannot provide assistance with projects or techniques that are part of a class.   Participants should obtain the assistance they require from the individual instructor or setup a private lesson.      For group classes, individual instructors at their discretion may offer to provide out-of-class assistance during the term of the class.    No out-of-class assistance is available once a class has been completed.

Student Participation

Full attendance is required (make-up classes will not be available).  On-time attendance is required.  Cell phone usage is restricted and phones must be on vibrate during classes.  


Students are expected to complete all out-of-class assignments and practice techniques taught independently.

Materials and Supplies

Materials and Supplies: All yarn MUST be purchased from The Knit Studio.  Other required materials are available from The Knit Studio.   Instructor provided materials will be available during the class sessions only.    Class participants who do not use yarn purchased from The Knit Studio will be dismissed from the class and not be provided any refund or other accomodation.


Copyright is enforced.  Copies of patterns can only be used by the person who purchased or downloaded the pattern.    To  faciliate the learning activities, the instructor may enlarge charts or graphs included in patterns and provide just those items to students for using during the class sessions.    Class participants who are found to be in violation of copyright will be dismissed from the class and not be provided any refund or other accomodation.

No Guarantees

Completion of projects or mastery of techniques is not guaranteed.

Attendance of Minors

Parents of minors attending classes are required to complete a release form and bring it to the first session of the class.    Parents are encouraged to remain on premises during the class.

Group Classes

Private Lessons

Refund Policy

Classes are non-refundable.   Students who need to miss a class due to a last minute emergency should notify the instructor prior to the start date/time of the class.   At the instructor's discretion, they may accommodate the student by allowing their booking to be rescheduled   No-shows who have not contacted the instructor at least one business day prior to the class cannot have their bookings rescheduled.

Fees and Charges

Instructor Charges are set by the individual instructors and once paid, students are considered confirmed for a class.    All instructor charges are paid directly to the instructor who is identified as the host of the class.       Other fees related to online registrations may be charged for use of the online registration tool.  Individuals should contact the instructor/host with any questions regarding charges or fees.

Knit Studio Gift Cards cannot be used to pay for class fees, but may be used to pay for materials for use in the class.

Walk-in students who are permitted to attend a class, and those students who do not pay the instructor directly may be charged a 10% processing fee.

Private lessons can be for an individual or small group.


All private lessons are required to be held during regular store hours with material purchased from The Knit Studio.


Special arrangements can be made for after-hours private lessons at the store for larger groups.

Location and Class Size
Fees and Charges

Private lessons are available from individual instructors at hourly rates set by the instructor. 


Gift Cards cannot be used to pay for Private Lessons


Private lessons must be paid in advance directly to the instructor (no exceptions).  The instructor will contact the student directly to arrainge for payment of class fees.

Help Desk

Transfer Bookings/Substitutions

Individuals who book a class can transfer their booking to another individual either because they cannot attend or as part of a gift.   The individual who booked the class must provide the instructor the name of their replacement or the replacement MUST present the booking confirmation to the instructor in order to attend the class.

Walk-In Students

Advance, online registration is required for all group classes.   At the discretion of the instructor, walk-in students may be permitted to attend classes that are under subscribed.    Instructor charges for walk-in students should be paid directly to the instructor and may include a 10% processing fee if not paid directly.

Location and Attendance

Help desk sessions are held during specific time periods set by each instructor during regular store hours.    Sessions can be scheduled or cancelled one hour in advance.   

No refunds will be provided for individuals who miss the time period(s) they have reserved.   There is no guarantee that sessions will start or end exactly within the time period(s) reserved so individuals are asked to be flexible.

Fees and Charges

Help Desk sessions are paid directly to the instructor (no exceptions) and the Knit Studio is not responsible for issues related to charges or refunds.

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