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Appointment Terms and Conditions

In-Store Shopping

General Terms

In-store shopping is available by appointment only and each appointment is:

> Limited to a single individual at a time for the purpose of purchasing items only

> Limited to fifteen (15) minutes in duration

> Must be confirmed in advance by the Knit Studio

> Must be cancelled at least one (1) hour before the confirmed time

> Limited to one (1) per day per individual

> Does not include project and/or pattern assistance (Help Desk is Closed)

Project / Pattern Assistance

The Knit Studio staff cannot provide assistance with projects or techniques.   Customers should obtain the assistance they require from the by requesting a private lesson.      For assistance related to projects or techniques taught during a group class, customers should contact the instructor directly for assistance.

COVID-19 Restrictions

In order to comply with the City of Jackson's executive orders and store policy, customers will be required to wear masks at all times while in the store regardless of vaccination status and must social distance. 

Customers will be expected to use hand sanitizer available at the store prior to handling any products and refrain from having yarn and fibers come in contact with their face or mask while in the store.

Fees and Charges

There is no fee or charge to book in-store shopping appointments.    Additional fees may be requested for other activities.

Transfer Bookings/Substitutions

Individuals who book an in-store shopping appointment cannot transfer their booking to another individual.   If the individual is booking the appointment on behalf of another person, they must indicate the other person's name in the comments when creating the appointment request.   Individuals not identified on the appointment request may be denied entry to the store.

Walk-Up / Curbside Customers

Knit Studio staff may be required to serve walk-up and/or curb-side customers during an individuals appointment time.   Accommodations will made by staff if necessary and on a case-by-case basis to ensure that customers appointment is extended.

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