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Online Store and Curbside Pick-up

The Knit Studio's Online Store is available for customers to purchase yarn and gift cards online for both delivery and curbside pick-up.   


Local customers whose billing address, based on their zip code, is 50 miles or less from the retail store can place online orders for local pick-up.  Orders placed outside of those zip codes will be cancelled automatically.

Create an account:

We encourage customers to create an online account so they can:

  • Track purchases

  • See their purchase history (both online and in store)

  • Receive notifications regarding online only sales and retail store events

Curbside pick-up process:

  • Once the order is available for pickup, an email notification will be sent to customers.

  • Customers have five (5) business days to pick-up the order before it will be cancelled.

  • Bring your order confirmation to the store when you come to collect your order.

  • Pick-up orders will only be delivered curb-side.  No in-store pick-up is available at this time.

  • Upon arrival, call the store at the number on your email notification and an employee will hand-deliver your order to your vehicle.

  • Customers are required to wear face-masks while interacting with employees.

Order Changes/Cancellations:

  • Email or call the store at the number on your email notification at least one (1) hour prior to your planned arrival.

  • To add products not available online, local customers availing of curbside pick-up can contact the store. 

  • Additions or changes to orders may delay fulfillment, require cancellation of existing orders, and/or require the creation of a new order.

Are you making frequent pilgrimages to The Knit Studio for help with projects?   If it is because you dropped a stitch or need clarification on a pattern, our staff is available to assist with these basics if your project is using materials purchased from The Knit Studio.

Any other assistance will no longer be available from staff.   So, if you got in over your head and either forgot a particular technique or need to learn a new technique to finish the project, then we recommend that you to avail of one of the many instructional classes or private lessons offered by instructors associated with The Knit Studio.   

Unfortunately any assistance cannot be offered while other customers are waiting to be served, so we ask that our customers be patient and plan their time accordingly.   If you have a question about selecting Yarn or a general question about Knitting or Crochet, then visit our FAQ

The 3/50 project is a national movement designed to support locally owned businesses.  The goal is simple: We ask our customers to frequent three locally owned brick and mortar businesses they don’t want to see disappear, and to spend a very affordable $50 per month doing it.


It doesn't matter what three. It’s about funneling revenue back into local business. You know-—the folks that pour money back into the community via commercial property taxes, payroll taxes, sales tax, and salaries (not to mention all that good will by way of volunteer time, silent auctions, sponsored softball teams, workshops, book signings, etc.).


The Knit Studio is an active supporter and endeavors to buy local and we ask our customers to do the same by purchasing your knitting and crochet supplies from our store.

Support the Authors - Once you purchase a pattern you are entitled to copy it for personal use.  Take advantage of this by making copies so you can jot notes on it, highlight the instructions relevant to the size you are making, color-code charts, and magnify hard-to-read, dense paragraphs.  Also, a Xeroxed pattern is much easier to carry around than an entire book.  But don't give a copy to anyone else, that would be stealing.

Cell phones are creating an increased distraction for our customers.  Please respect staff and other customers and refrain from engaging in personal calls and text messaging while being served or while in a class.   Our media room is available for those customers and students who on the unusual occasion of an emergency or anticipated emergency that requires immediate attention, need to utilize their cell phone.   We ask that all customers place their cell phone on vibrate mode while in the store.

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